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Forrest and Matusow in Weight Loss Prop Bet

by Poker Team

In what can be dubbed the prop bet Battle of the Bulge, it is being reported that an interesting prop bet has been agreed upon by poker pros Mike ‘the Mouth” Matusow and Ted Forrest. The bet would seem to be the ultimate motivator for those looking to lose some excess poundage since as much as $2 million can potentially be changing hands here.

On the surface, the two pros have quite different public personas with Matusow being the loud, brash, outspoken person both at and away from the felt while Forrest maintains a much more low key persona. However, it seems the two share an important commonality, both like to gamble and both are looking to shed a few pounds. This marks the 2nd time the two pros have engaged in a weight loss bet, the first coming in 2007 when Matusow was tasked with losing the weight. He won, reportedly losing 15 pounds in 5 days by not eating.

The story was broken by Phil Hellmuth via a Twitter update and according to Hellmuth, Forrest wins $2 Million from Matusow if he can get his weight down to 139 by July 15. Should he fail, he then has until September 15th to make weight in order to collect $1 million. Forrest seems to have a lot of work to do as he tipped the scales at 188 pounds at the time the bet was made. He may want to install a treadmill at his local casino.

Poker pros chimed in on both sides as the story broke with Justin “Boosted J” Smith stating that he bought into the bet on the side of Matusow. It would seem that Matusow has the much more enjoyable side of this bet.

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