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Forbes asks if US Full Tilt Players will get paid

by Jeremy

When PokerStars purchased Full Tilt Poker for $731 million, it seemingly meant that US players would be repaid their collective $150 million in deposits. But seeing as how it’s been a few weeks since the deal, many former FTP players from America are starting to get a little uneasy about the matter. And this fear isn’t likely to go away after a recent Forbes article that questioned whether or not US players are going to be repaid in full. One section of the article reads as follows:

Several sources familiar with the situation say no decision on this vital issue has been made, but there are people at the Department of Justice who are uncomfortable with the idea of paying U.S. players money that was won in online poker games played on Full Tilt’s web site.

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The debate isn’t about if players are going to get money back from Full Tilt Poker. Instead, it centers on whether they get ALL of their funds back. An excerpt from the article specifically addresses this by stating:

Either way, a significant amount of money will wind up in the hands of Full Tilt’s U.S. customers, but there remains the potential some of the playes will be repaid much less than they had hoped.

However, Poker Players Alliance President John Pappas believes that the US Department of Justice has a duty to repay players everything. His main reasoning is that part of the $731m was meant to repay the $150m that Americans were owed. While Pappas makes a god point, there’s no telling what the US government will ultimately decide. Here’s a quick look at the Forbes article.

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