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Finland Online Poker Fading

by Jeremy

Finland was once considered one of the world’s strongest countries when it came to online poker prowess. However, it now appears as if this interest is in a sharp downward slope according to a report by In the article, documents how Finland experienced a poker boom in the mid-2000′s, only to level off lately. Since the decline in interest, the amount of Finnish online poker pros has dropped by the thousands.

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The major reason behind this sharp decrease is the strong belief that games have gotten tougher over the past few years. wrote the following about this matter:

Internet poker is losing popularity in Finland. The number of people playing poker professionally has declined from an estimated several thousand players to around a thousand. The standard has risen to a level that makes easy gains for professional players more difficult.

There had been a boom in internet poker in Finland around the middle of the last decade, but according to poker professional Aki Pyysing, winnings are much harder to come by these days.

“Players have improved worldwide as well,” said Pyysing, who says that the change is noticeable in his wallet. “I am not getting the same results, although I am playing just as much. That indicates that the game is now tighter.”

The future of online poker has been in doubt since the United States Department of Justice shut down some poker websites that operate in America. That removed a huge pool of players from the poker scene, and substantially reduced potential profits.
While games have certainly gotten tougher, it’s difficult to understand how a country that features plenty of successful pros such as Patrik Antonius, Ilari Sahamies, Sami “LarsLuzak” Kelopuro and Juha Helppi is seeing so many players drop off. Whatever the case may be, things don’t look to get any easier in online poker, and so you can’t really expect the Finnish trend to reverse either.
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