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Fake Gus Hansen Twitter providing Laughs

by Jeremy

Fake twitter accounts involving celebrities are nothing new since everyone from Sarah Palin to Chuck Norris have people impersonating them. However, those in the poker world have taken a particular liking to the fake Gus Hansen twitter account that’s appropriately titled “FakeGusHansen.”

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The fake twitter account has been active for a few months, and it seems to focus a lot on self-vanity, and a fake relationship with UK poker pro Liv Boeree. Here are a few select tweets from the FakeGusHansen account:

My license plate on the new lambo reads “Patrik”. He just asked why and i said because he paid for it. He didn’t get it.

Annie Duke writing a poker book is like me writing an abstinence book

Congrats to Allen Bari for shedding the title of “best player not to win a bracelet”. Now hes known as the biggest douche to win a bracelet.

I have always thought myself on TV would be the most beautiful image possible but I’ve been proven wrong. Myself on HDTV is

It’s stressful being this famous. Especially when getting dressed and deciding between using 4 buttons or 5

It was a tough event in which he had to defeat some of the best male players in the world including Durrrr, Peter Jetten and Vanessa Selbst

Decided that Liv Boeree will be my next girlfriend. Haven’t told her yet

The whole “no talking about your hand” rule doesn’t apply to me because i usually don’t need to look at my cards

Just caught up on my favorite shows! The Bachelorette, Teen Mom and the WSOP!!

The worst angle shoot i’ve ever seen is the one that doesn’t capture my right bicep

Nice run by Ericka Moutinho. If there is a silver lining in her busting its that i now know who she is

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