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Is Everleaf Network failing?

by Jeremy

Several months ago, the Everleaf Network pulled out of the US market and essentially cut off American players’ ability to cash out. Since that time, very few Everleaf players have had a chance to get their money off this network’s poker sites. The reason why is because Everleaf has only given Americans three options for collecting their deposit money:

1) Use Moneybookers
2) Use NETeller
3) Open up a foreign bank account

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Seeing as how Moneybookers and NETeller aren’t open to US poker players, these two options are out. As for opening up a foreign bank account, this is entirely unrealistic to the average player. However, it does appear that the handful of players who’ve taken this approach did get all or some of their money.

But this by no means indicates good things for the Everleaf Network. A TwoPlusTwo poster recently issued their concerns on the matter by writing the following:

A few players who went and opened foreign bank accounts got paid fully or partially. Some in small chunks with long waiting periods in between.

Now currently, ROW players are having to wait 6+ weeks for cashouts. Other US players who opened foreign bank accounts aren’t getting paid at all. It is pretty clear that the company appears to be insolvent. Players beware and I would play there at your own risk!

These comments by no means indicate that Everleaf is definitely failing. However, it is enough to worry several people in the TwoPlusTwo thread. However, US players should definitely be concerned about their money, and rest of world players should be leery of signing up here now.

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