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ESPN Extends Contract with WSOP

by Poker Team

The World Series of Poker will have a stable home for the next 10 years, and that home is ESPN. Not the actual event itself; that still presumably will be remaining at the Rio for the foreseeable future. The actual television coverage rather, will be staying at ESPN as the Worldwide Leader in Sports announced that they have extended the partnership with Harrah’s entertainment through 2018.

Under the extension, each year, ESPN will air 32 hours of World Series coverage. The bulk of this year’s coverage is of the main event itself with 75% of the shows covering the headliner. However, future years will feature other events as well. In addition, though premiere episodes will be broadcast on the main ESPN channel, reruns will be shown on ESPN2, ESPNClassic and ESPN International. In addition, the World Series of Poker will also be featured on ESPN’s website.

Excited about the announcement, Jeffrey Pollack, President of Harrah’s Interactive Entertainment and Commissioner of the World Series of Poker, said.

“This long-term agreement ensures that our content will continue to reach sports fans around the world through a wide variety of platforms.”

ESPN reps seemed to be just as thrilled also issuing a statement that read: “We are very excited to continue our relationship with Harrah’s to deliver the largest, richest, and most prestigious gaming event in the world to fans across a variety of our platforms. Poker continues to be a solid ratings performer for us and allows us to continue offering diverse programming to our viewers.”

It seems that even though the state of poker in individual states is in a constant state of flux, it is still in demand by the viewing public and sports fans in general.

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