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Goofball to run in the Gumball

by Poker Team

Famous (in his own mind) Magician Antonio Esfandiari to race in the Gumball 3000

antonio esfadiari - gumballPoker professional Antonio Esfandiari is currently participating in the global road rally called the Gumball 3000. Traveling magicians rank right up there with traveling circuses but at least he’s riding in style. You see, the Gumball is a showcase for over 120 of the most expensive, exotic cars in the world. The rally was rumored to have been taking it dying breath last year after an accident killed a bystander. Speed was a factor in the accident and there was speculation that the organizers tried to cover up the ordeal.

The crew from the MTV hit Jackass is participating again this year along with many celebrities from the alternative sports world, music industry, and much more. The rally made a stop in Vegas a few days ago and many observers caught a glimpse of  the “Magician” climbing out of a black pimped out Mercedes S class with gold Gumball stickers all over it. There was no sighting of rabbits from hats, nor any cards or chips in the vicinity of the magical poker pro. Whether he will actually pilot the car (it’s rumored that he has no drivers license) remains to be seen.

The traveling side show of celebs with too much cash and expensive cars (the entry fee is 120K) will finish the world wide ride in a few days in Beijing, China. You read right, the trip to Vegas was the last stop in the US. The cars were loaded onto airplanes and flown to a site several hundred miles from the final stop. We have reports that to save money, Antonio was able to shrink himself into a suitcase for the long trip to Shanghai vs. paying full fare on the airline. No word on whether his rabbits made the trip or not.

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