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Elky Tries to Break SnG Record

by Poker Team

Well-known PokerStars Pro, Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier has long been regarded as one of the top online poker players in the world who has achieved a great deal of notoriety online. Known for his remarkable ability to play in dozens of tables at the same time, Elky has the distinction of being recognized as the 1st player on the poker site to reach Supernove Elite status.  What’s more impressive is that he earned the status in just 13 days playing in as many games as he could fit across 4 computer screens.

Most Sit n Go Tournaments in a Single Hour

Yesterday, in a rather hastily put together promotion on PokerStars, Elky set out on another personal mission, this time, to break a Guinness Book of World Record for most online Sit n Go tournaments played in a single hour.  So his mission began yesterday on April 29th at 1PM ET and the game of choice were of the $6.50 buy in Multi-table tournament variety.  This was no easy task as decisions would need to be made extremely quickly throughout and there would definitely be lots of low limit players out to get their chance at knocking of one the games’ best.

Elky has a rather interesting background before deciding to play poker.  He was always a gamer, but his game of choice was that of a professional Starcraft player.

For this particular challenge, Elky, will be at the Grand Final of the European Poker Tour Season 5.  All PokerStars players who face Elky in any of the tournament he partakes in will automatically be entered into a $1,000 PokerStars freeroll happening on May 6th at 2PM ET.

To break the record, there were several rules in place that he needed to comply with:

• He has just one hour to open as many $6.50 Sit & Go’s as he can.
• He has to finish playing at all the tables he’s sat down at.
• He must finish with an overall positive bankroll.

Broadcast of the Elky SnG Record Attempt

Elky’s attempt at making history will be airing tonight, April 29th exclusively at .

As for the results, Elky participated in 62 Sit and Go’s and finishes with a profit of $23 to go along with his record.  The reported results, as well as the event itself has met with varying degrees of skepticism from posters of . Many believe that his accomplishment was not very impressive and other players such as renowned multi-tabler Hevad Khan would have been a better choice and would have had a higher win rate.  However, it is likely that this happening could be a precursor for PokerStars having other of its pros try to continue beating the record.  Only time will tell if this will lead to more.

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