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Peter Eastgate Auctioning Piece of History

by Omar

Attention eBay shoppers, if you have ever dreamed of owning your very own World Series of Poker Main Event Championship bracelet, but lacked actually having won the event, your chance to own your own piece of history has arrived. 2008 Main Event winner, Peter Eastgate stunned the poker world earlier this year by deciding to skip all live poker events for the foreseeable future, citing a lost passion for the game that has brought him fame and fortune at an early age. He even shunned this year’s World Series entirely, opting instead to attend the World Cup in South Africa.

As those who follow such things, this is not the first time a World Series of Poker bracelet has hit the online auction site. Just ten months ago, T.J. Cloutier, having fallen on hard times, pawned off a bracelet he earned at an event in 2005. The dealer then sold it on eBay where representatives from Cake Poker purchased the item.

This time, it’s much different. Eastgate is actually selling the hard-earned piece of jewelry to benefit a great cause; selling on the eBay Giving Works section of the site to benefit the United States Fund for UNICEF. The starting bid for the item is at $16,000 (it has been appraised previously for a shade less) and will run until 9:04AM ET on November 25th.

When reached for comment, Eastgate, apparently not a fan of gaudy jewelry, said,

“Of course, I still have great pride in my title, but I will never use the bracelet. I thought they (UNICEF) could better benefit from the bracelet. Hopefully it will do a lot of people good.”

Still, it seems a bit hasty for one to seemingly part with an item that they worked so hard to achieve and is a symbol of a great moment in one’s life. After all, having earned more than $8 million for his victory, Eastgate could just as easily donate the money to the charity himself while still hanging on to the keepsake for posterity. However, this gesture is definitely in line with things and actions that Eastgate has maintained for the past year; that he never intended to play poker for the rest of his life, rather, looking to do so to attain financial independence, something he clearly already has.

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