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Dwan, Hansen, Blom have lost $3.3m at Full Tilt Poker

by Jeremy

When it comes to well-known high stakes poker players, Tom Dwan, Gus Hansen and Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom are at the top of the list. But when it comes to recent winnings, this trio of sponsored Full Tilt Poker players have been at the bottom.

The nightmarish results for the so-called Full Tilt “Professionals” started when the site relaunched on November 6th, 2012. The players started losing almost immediately and haven’t had much luck since. Hansen is especially in trouble because he’s dropped $2.2 million in just over a month. Thanks to these latest losses, he’s now blown $5.44 million in Full Tilt high stakes games.

The next largest loser is Tom Dwan, who has given away $780,000 to his fellow opponents lately. Ben “Sauce1234″ Sulsky has been the biggest recipient of Dwan’s money and has now collected over $4 million in profits on the year. Unlike Hansen, Dwan can at least boast that he’s an overall winner at FTP since he’s collected $1.6 million in career profits.

As for Blom, he’s lost around $220,000 since the Full Tilt relaunch. And while this might not be as bad as Dwan or Hansen, Isildur1 can’t be happy about the $2.93 million in career losses he has at FTP.

When looking at things from an overall perspective, Dwan, Hansen and Blom have dropped $3.3 million during the last month. This is a short sample size in the grand scheme of things because high stakes play lends itself to quick wins and losses. But as the only three signed Full Tilt Poker players, this trio is being viewed with more scrutiny than the average grinder. That said, we’re likely to hear more about this story if the Professionals continue playing like amateurs.

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