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Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt Added to Team PokerStars

by Poker Team

Over the past several months, the world’s largest online poker site, PokerStars has been creating an online pro team, which is a different entity entirely from its Team PokerStars group. For this honor, PokerStars received over 2,000 applications and from them, selected 23 players from 18 countries who represent some of the best and brightest in the online poker world. It was recently announced, that popular online grinder, Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt has just been added to the team.

Excited about the event, Schmidt was quoted as saying

“I feel like I’ve joined the Yankees. Getting the opportunity to represent the largest poker room in the world is definitely something that makes all of the hard work feel worthwhile. I couldn’t be more honored.”

Schmidt is among one of the hardest working online poker pros in the world and has been estimated as playing over 10,000 hours and 8 million hands over the past 5 years alone. In that stretch, he has enjoyed his greatest amount of success as he has earned more than $3 million in winnings.

Among his online poker accolades are:
• Never posting a losing month in his poker career
• World’s highest Win Rate for $5/$10 No Limit and $10/$20 No Limit for 2007 and 2008
• Winning over $600,000 in a 4 month period in 2007-2008
• Achieving Supernova Elite status in just 8 months in 2007
• Contributor to

He is also now an accomplished author having written a poker book released late last year. As part of the deal, Schmidt will only play on PokerStars where he will also contribute a blog to the web site.

To date, here is the current roster of the PokerStars Team Online:

Andres Alisievicz — lobojiji
Jorge Arias — JorgeArias
Boumaaza Bachir — Chiren80
Anders Berg — Donald
Alvaro Blanco — VARICO
Thomas Boekhoff — Boku87
Diego Brunelli — vgreen22
André Coimbra — acoimbra
Mathew Didlick — chipstar1
Ta-Chih Geeng — socutiesf
Andrew Goetsch — Kid Nebraska
Martha Gonzalez — marene
Keiran Harris — K_Man2307
Steve Jacobs — stevesbets
Randy Lew — nanonoko
Karlo Lopez — elmagopr
Alexey Makarov — LuckyGump
Kristian Martin — CharismA3
Grzegorz Mikielewicz — DaWarsaw
Nichoel Peppe — NicP
Grayson Physioc — spacegravy
Sebastien Sabic — Seb86
Amanda Thomas — ROXY24
George Lind III — Jorj95
Denys Shcherbakov — diatty
Dustin Schmidt — Leatherass9

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