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Durrrr’s Challenge is Officially Underway

by Poker Team

After weeks of speculation as to when it would actually begin, Durrrr’s Challenge officially kicked off last night as he squared off against Patrik Antonius at the beginning of the first round.  To refresh your memory, as he will be doing against all of his opponents, Tom is laying $1,500,000 to Patrik Antonius $500,000 that Patrik will not be able beat him over 50k hands of 4-tabling Heads-up play.

This is a true test of wits as well as stamina as the uber-confident Durrrr does not think there is a player in the world who can take him on in the high stakes multi table action.  In this first round matchup, the two stars will be playing $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha.  At the conclusion of 50,000 hands, the winner of the match gets to keep his winnings and also the allotted amount from the side bet.

Durrrr Vs. Patrik Antonius

The action began yesterday at 6:30PM Eastern time and the two played 1,541 hands at Full Tilt Poker Much like the first rounds of a championship boxing match, the players seemed to be sizing each other up, trying to get a feel for how the match will be played out.  As opposed to one of their regular sessions, it wasn’t one of those all out free-for-all’s railbirds are accustomed to seeing.  Though passive at first, the match did heat up towards the end and Durrrr returned to the hyper aggressive form we all have come to expect.  For the first round, Durrrr is off to a fast start, up $135,000 against Antonius.

In the largest pot of the session, Durrrr was holding 3d-10c-10s-Js.  Sitting in the small blind, Durrrr raised to $1,200 and Antonius called.

The flop was 7s-10d-5d giving Durrrr top set.  Antonius came out firing betting $2,400.  Durrrr immediately raised to $7,700 and Antonius made the call.  The turn was the 2 of clubs and all of the money went in. Antonius held 6c-Jh-4s-8s so he was open-ended and put all of his stack in on this draw.

The river was the Jack of diamonds and Durrrr took down the day’s largest pot of $148,267.

If this is any indication, railbirds are sure to be treated to some really exciting poker.

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