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Durrrr’s 2009 Has Been Full of Action

by Poker Team

2009 has been an action packed year for poker pro Tom “Durrrr” Dwan. It seems that every other day, the player heralded as one of the gutsiest players out there finds his name in the headlines. He has been involved in most of the year’s largest online poker pots, both on the receiving and losing ends, he issued a much ballyhooed million dollar challenge which has been reported on by all of the major and minor poker news outlets, he just recently took part in a live version of his million dollar challenge. In addition, he was actually controversially nominated for a spot in Poker’s Hall of Fame. (He didn’t make it). But perhaps nothing paints a clearer picture in what his poker year has been like quite like the actual figures for his online games.

Getting involved in poker during the early stages of the poker boom, Dwan has managed to turn a $50 deposit into PartyPoker into a multi-million dollar bankroll, the likes of which have allowed him to consistently multi-table the largest nosebleed games anywhere on the internet. These games draw huge railbirds looking to get a glimpse of the monstrous pots in which he is involved in.

During the early parts of the year, Durrrr sustained losses so massive that many poker observers speculated that his bankroll had to be dwindling and that Durrrr would soon be broke. In fact, by March 1st, Dwan had already incurred losses of an astonishing $4 million. These types of results could have easily broken down most players or even left them broke or moving down in stakes in attempts to increase a depleted poker account.

This is not Dwan’s style however and he just kept plugging away, never losing any of the brashness which has been a big factor of his success. In fact, he kept right on playing the largest games, against the toughest opponents and just 4 weeks later, he had managed to recoup over $3.5 million of his earlier losses. It was not quite smooth sailing from there as Dwan entered another massive funk, giving back over $2 million over the next 2 weeks. Again, he was able to regroup and refocus and 4 months later, he managed to get himself back into the land of profitability and was now up $2 million for the year. This was by the beginning of August. There, he began to lose again. In fact, he lost so much, so consistently, that by October 1st, he was down just shy of $1 million. Needless to say, most people would be begging to get off this massive rollercoaster by now.

Not Dwan. Just 3 weeks later, Dwan now finds himself up over a quarter million dollars.

Below is a list of how Dwan has fared in the two major poker types he plays:

No-Limit Hold’em – Up $2.9 million
Pot-Limit Omaha - Down $3.7 million.

The remainder comes from positive gains he has made in mixed games in which he has been focusing on more and more as of late. With 2.5 months left, who knows how the rest of Dwan’s year has played out. The only thing known is that it will be a wild ride.

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