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Durrrr vs. Antonius Picks Up Steam - Jungleman12 is Next

by Omar

Last week it was reported that Jungleman12, a highly successful online poker player, had spoken to Tom “Durrrr” Dwan and has agreed to be the next player lined up to take part in the Durrrr Challenge. Though Dwan’s first matchup with Patrik Antonius had made very little progress this summer, and the bout has lasted well over a year, it seems as the two have decided to step things up as they have had 2 mini-sessions over the past couple days. They are now finally almost 80% done with just over 10,000 hands left to be played.

In the first of their two sessions on Monday, Antonius cut into Dwan’s big lead by booking a win of over $240K as they played 280 hands. The session reduced Dwan’s lead to just over $1.6 million.

Just 24-hours later, Dwan exacted some revenge during an abbreviated 182 hand session in which 5 of the hands exceeded $100K. Dwan managed to win all five of those en route to a gigantic booked win of over $450K.

Although the two still seem committed to playing this never-ending marathon out, Dwan and Antonius really need to pick up the pace and play more than a couple hundred hands at a time against each other. The time that has elapsed so far has eroded just about all of the public interest in the battle and people are ready to move on in the hopes that the next installment will move at a much higher rate than the turtle race we are currently being subjected to.

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