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Durrrr Vs. Antonius Challenge Heats Up

by Poker Team

Antonius Only Down $52K to Durrrr

After battling conflicting schedules for the better part of a month, Durrrr and Patrik Antonius were finally about to battle each other as Durrrr’s million dollar challenge resumed over at Full Tilt Poker. During yesterday’s 4-table heads up session, the two players faced off in a rather small sample size of 914 hands which occurred in just under 2 hours. For this round, Antonius was the winner, profiting by $87,000 bringing his deficit to Durrrr back to a reasonable $52,500, or the amount of an average pot between the two.

Here is a recap of two of the more notable hands of the session.

In the first key hand, Antonius held 9s-10s-8c-6c. Preflop, a customary raising battle ensued. First, Antonius made it $1,200 to go, Durrrr countered by re-raising to $3,600 and Antonius made it $10,800 to go. Durrrr called and they were headed to a flop.

The flop was 2s-As-6d giving Antonius middle pair with a flush draw. That’s when the fireworks really started as it became apparent that both players hit this flop. Durrrr checked, Antonius bet $14,400 and Durrrr check-raised all-in for $51,000. Durrrr showed Ac-Jc-Ks-Qd meaning he was ahead at the moment but facing a ton of outs.

The turn was the 7 of diamonds giving Antonius a plethora of outs as he had a nice combo straight draw wrap to go with his spade outs. The river was the 6 of spades completing Antonius’ flush and giving him the pot worth $124,095.

In the second key hand, also won by Antonius, he held Js-Jh-5s-5c. Preflop was a bit less action packed. Durrrr raised to $1,200 and was re-raised to $3,600 by Antonius. Rather than re-raising, Durrrr simply called and the players saw a flop of Qs-Jd-7c giving Antonius middle set. Antonius led out for $5,200 and Durrrr just called.

The turn was the 4 of hearts and this time Antonius bet $15,000 and Durrrr shoved his remaining $60,000 in chips. Durrrr held Qh-Jc-6c-6d for top 2 pair on the flop. The only card that could save him would be another Queen but it was not to be. The river was the King of hearts providing no help for Durrrr and Antonius took down the pot worth $138,797.

It’s good to see the challenge picking up again. The online poker world has been waiting for this eagerly.

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