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Durrrr Up on Antonius by $1 Million Dollars in Challenge

by Poker Team

The matchup that never ends hit a milestone of sorts over the weekend, as Tom “durrrr” Dwan turned of the heat on a beleaguered Patrik Antonius and added to his already commanding lead in the durrrr challenge, pushing his lead to a whopping million dollars at Full Tilt Poker. This development is leaving observers, assuming that any really remain, wondering whether Antonius will be able to come back.

Antonius Deficit: $1,077,932

This week’s sessions between the two were the first they had played since the new year began and they put in over 2,000 hands. At the current pace, they should mercifully wrap things up towards the latter stages of 2010, as they currently have completed 63% of the challenge’s stated 50,000 hands.

In the latest session over he weekend, Antonius managed to take down one of the night’s largest pots at $200,000 but still lost $209,000 overall. The exact deficit is now at $1,077,932. Should Dwan so choose, he could opt to play a rather conservative game to maintain his commanding lead through its conclusion, though this is not likely to be the case as poker players rarely are very conservative at these stakes.

Though this challenge has taken much longer than anyone could have anticipated at the onset, it is possible that interest will gain steam once the finish line becomes visible and whether Antonius can make up some serious ground. After all, most people like rooting for underdogs, which is precisely the role Antonius finds himself at present time.

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