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Durrrr Takes a Million from Ziigmund

by Poker Team

Last night, Tom Durrrr” Dwan and Ziigmund engaged in one of the wildest heads up matches ever witnessed before on Full Tilt Poker.  Both players took turns taking down massive pots from each other but when the smoke cleared, it was Durrrr who got the best of it, posting a whopping $1 million profit.

2 hands in particular between the players resulted in a combined million in winnings for Durrrr.  Here is a synopsis of those two hands.

First Major Hand

The first notable hand ended in one of the largest pots in online poker history.  In the small blind of a $500/$1000 pot limit Omaha hand, , Durrrr held Ad-6d-Ac-2s.  Now, Durrrr is known for taking down enormous pots with mediocre holdings.  Here he has a premium hand so you had to figure this pot would become bloated sooner rather than later.

Preflop, Durrrr raised to $3,000 and Ziigmund re-raised to $9,000.  Perhaps wanting to hide the strength of his hand, Durrrr elected to just call and see a flop.

The flop was Jd-Qd-As giving Durrrr top set of Aces to go along with the nut flush draw, quite a flop indeed.  Ziigmund bet out $18,000 and was immediately raised by Durrrr to $51,600.  Ziigmund smooth-called.

The turn was the 7 of clubs, a total brick if there ever was one.  This time, Ziigmund again led out, betting over $121,000 into the pot.  This time however, Durrrr, out of character, smooth called the gigantic bet.

The river was the Jack of spades completing Durrrr’s full house.  Ziigmund shoved his remaining $200k+ chips into the pot and Durrrr couldn’t call fast enough as he took down the historic pot of $593,935.  As it turned out, holding a King and a 10 in his hand, Ziigmund had flopped the nut straight and fell victim to some bad luck.

Second Major Hand

In the 2nd hand, Durrrr was in the big blind holding Kd-9s-10s-4d.  Preflop, Ziigmund raised to $3,000, Durrrr re-raised to $9,000 and Ziigmund came back for $27,000 total.  Durrrr made the call.

The flop was 9h-5h-10h giving Durrrr top two pair.  All the money went in on the flop after a series of bets and raises. Ziigmund showed Qh-Ah-9d-6d for the flopped nut flush.

The turn was the 3 of clubs which did not help out Durrrr.  However, the river card brought the 9 of clubs   Durrrr had again filled up on the river, taking down the pot worth $430,595

Clearly, Durrrr is well on his way to erasing his dismal beginning to 2009 where players wee speculating about his bankroll.

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