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Durrrr Set to Enter the Jungle

by Omar

Online poker players and fans alike can lay the rumors to rest. It has now been made official that a new chapter in the much hyped Durrrr Challenge is on the verge of beginning. Several weeks ago, observers of Full Tilt Poker’s nosebleed stakes games witnessed a conversation in the chat box between Tom Dwan and Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates in which the two were discussing plans to meet in a new chapter of the challenge.

As everyone knows, Dwan has been involved with Patrik Antonius in a challenge that is now over 18 months along. The matchup has lasted so long that not many people really care anymore. In fact, in a poll conducted on, over ¾ of the responders selected the responses “Snoozefest, wake me up when it’s over,” when asked if the Durrrr Challenge is a letdown. Do to a myriad of reasons, including conflicting schedules and time differences, the two just are never playing at the same time and have not matched up since August 3rd. With Cates, this seems to not be a problem as the CardRunner instructor is seemingly always playing against Dwan and it is believed this challenge could be done in about 2 weeks once it starts.

Cates has passed the half million dollars to Phil Ivey, who is serving as the de facto escrow account holder and since doing so, Dwan has been noticeably absent from the tables leading some to speculate that he may be studying hand histories in the hopes of picking up patterns on his opponent who has enjoyed success against him.

Should the challenge begin soon and move quickly, perhaps online followers will get more into this version of the challenge. For everyone’s sakes, we hope this to be the case.

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