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Durrrr Refocuses During Tough Stretch

by Poker Team

Poker is a mentally draining game, filled with peaks and valleys made sense through the use of the word “variance” as an adjective to describe the reasons behind the massive shifts. In the game, are euphoric moments mixed in with moments of terror and despair. Based on the turn of a single card and the size of the stakes, poker players can win or lose as much as the average person makes in a year. Some players come and go, streaking and burning out like a comet in the night sky. Others achieve riches that most can only dream of attaining and if they are smart about it, will never need to work another day in their lives.

One of the most intriguing players in this regard is nosebleed online player, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan. Not even 25 years old yet, Dwan has already earned his place in poker history. Building a gigantic bankroll, as well as an almost cult-like following during the poker boom years, Dwan quickly went from high school student, to college dropout, to globetrotting high roller in a very short amount of time.

He is also the poster boy for just how cruel and punishing this game can be. In 2008, Dwan crushed all competition to the tune of a profit of $5.5 million. Playing well and running well, Dwan’s confidence skyrocketed and ultimately was a big factor in his issuing of the now infamous million dollar challenge. Yet, here he is, just a year later, facing losses for 2009 of over $6 million, essentially wiping out his stellar performance from just a year earlier.

He seemingly has taken the bad with the good, although he does seem to have made some changes to his overall philosophy. After a long courtship, Dwan, perhaps because of his economic decline, finally decided to become a sponsored player at Full Tilt Poker, thus ensuring that he would get some money back in some form. In addition, the sponsorship seemingly opens the door for him to partake in some of the more lucrative global poker tournaments, something he had done little of in the past 12 months. In fact, to date, Dwan only has $80K in tournament winnings in 2009. Instead, he has played almost exclusively cash games in which he has fared poorly.

It remains to be seen however if Durrrr can really make the shift to tournaments as many believe that he lacks the patience to succeed consistently against large fields of tournament grinders. Though no one can accurately predict the future, it would seem that this change for Dwan can only help since at the very least, it will slow don his alarming losing rate. After all, at this rate, even the richest players would go broke.

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