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Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge Update

by Poker Team

Lost in the hoopla of the NBC Heads Up Championship has been the ongoing challenge match-up between Durrrr and Patrik Antonius over on Full Tilt Poker. As most online poker players know, back on February 18th, the two players embarked on their 50,000 hand challenge as they sat down heads up at 4 tables of $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha. Through 3 weeks, this contest is nowhere near being decided as to date, they have only played a total of 4,178 hands. At the present rate, it could take them a very long time to complete it, leaving Phil Ivey and David Benyamine waiting.

The rules were controversial. After 50,000 hands are played, if Durrrr’s opponent is up by even a single dollar, he wins $1.5 million. If Durrrr is ahead, he wins $500,000.

According to Durrrr, there are several reasons for the lagging of the challenge. For starters, he states that there have simply been other, better games that the adversaries have wanted to sit down at. In addition, both players have had to live up to prior commitment and their schedules have been quite difficult to overcome.

At present time, Durrrr is leading Antonius by just over $140,000, not very much considering the bloated nature of individual pots involving the players in the past.

There is no telling how long this match will take as there just seem to be too many distractions keeping them from going at it.

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