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Durrrr Losing at a Record Setting Pace

by Poker Team

Perhaps it’s a really good thing he is finally under contract with Full Tilt. Otherwise, most would think Tom “Durrrr” Dwan would have a grim outlook on his poker income.

As 2010 inches closer and closer, Patrick Antonius is currently online poker’s leading money earner, having raked in approximately $7 million. For Antonius, his methodical aggressive style has allowed him to continue a steady upward climb throughout the year, without too many enormous peaks and valleys. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Dwan. His particular feat on the other had, is rather dubious. Dwan has lost over $3 million dollars. In four days. In 2,142 hands. To a single opponent.

Perhaps hard to believe, but it is true; shortly after pulling to within $2 million of the break-even mark, Dwan has lost an astonishing amount to a player from Sweden named Isildur1. The game of choice was $500/$1000 No Limit Hold ‘Em, ordinarily a game in which Dwan is strong in. They have matched up four times, and each time, Dwan has suffered a massive loss, the most recent being a $700K downturn. Whoever this unknown Swede is, Dwan has, in the past week, set him and generations of his family for life. The match was sheer domination as Isildur1 took down the top 5 largest pots of the session. Meanwhile, Antonius also tried his luck against Isildur1, battling him to a virtual tie.

It seems as if the only person Dwan is beating these days is Antonius in their million dollar challenge. If this epic string of losses continues, how long can Dwan really last? Well, at least he can take comfort in knowing he is generating part of his own rake.

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