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Durrrr Headlines List of Pros in the Red in 2009

by Poker Team

Poker is a game of high peaks and low valleys.  Sometimes bad players win money and sometimes good players lose money.  Any experienced poker player would agree that a player can go through prolonged winning and losing streaks.  It is how players deal with these ebbs and flows which go a long way to determining their long term success.

It can mostly be attributed to variance, and some of the more successful pros over the past few years on Full Tilt Poker are finding this out for themselves in 2009.  Headlining the list of pros in the red is none other than Tom “Durrrr” Dwan.  Dwan has had a tumultuous start of 2009 as his bankroll has been spiraling steadily downward. Though he has posted some winning sessions as of late, the bad still continues to outweigh the good by a hefty sum.

Durrrr Down $3.4 Million

Online estimates put Dwan at minus $3.4 million so far this year. A good example is just yesterday, Dwan finished the day down over $350,000.  You take a few sessions like that, and it quickly adds up to a massive deficit.

Ivey Up $3.4 Million

The news isn’t all bad for the pros online as Phil Ivey still continues to dominate all games consistently as he is up about the same amount Dwan is down, $3.4 million.  The only player doing better on the year is Gus Hansen who is up about $4.1 million since January 1st.

Other Poker Pros in the Red

Dwan isn’t the only player not profitable in Pot Limit Omaha thus far in 2009.  All of these notable players are also having down years:

Phil Galfond
Brian Hastings
Hac Dang
David Benyamine
Di Dang
Patrik Antonius

This is a virtual who’s who of heavy hitters at Full Tilt Poker and it seems rather incredible that none of these players is currently profitable over such a prolonged stretch.  They have about 3 quarters left in 2009.  Time will tell if their variance will turn itself around.

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