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Durrrr Has a Huge Weekend as His Challenge Set to Begin

by Poker Team

Amid reports that he was leaking money at the highest levels of cash games on Full Tilt Poker, Durrrr has come back in a big way, profiting $1.1 million over the weekend bringing his total profits in February to over $1.4 million. His bad run appears to be a thing of the past as his bankroll takes the big boost, growing an amount in a week which most could only dream about.

Two of the key pots from the weekend occurred when he was locked in a battle with Patrick Antonius.  Here are those two hands.

1st Hand - Durrrr vs. Patrick Antonius

In the first hand, Durrrr was holding 7s-6s-5h-7c during a Pot Limit Omaha round of Omaha (HA) $500/$1000.  Preflop, Durrrr raised to $3,000 and Antonius came over the top for $9,000 total.  Durrrr called and it was off to the flop.  The flop was 3s-Qh-4d giving Durrrr a flop with several outs.  Any 2,5,6 or 7 would give him the nut straight.  He was a favorite against any hand and a small underdog against a set.  Antonius led out for $15,000 and Durrrr quickly raised to $63,000.   Antonius pushed his stack all in for $93,000 total and it was up to how the cards fell. Antonius had Kc-Ks-Qs-Js for a pair of Kings and no redraw.  The turn card was the Ace of clubs which helped no one.  However, the river card was the 5 of diamonds completing Durrrr’s nut straight.  Durrrr took down the pot worth $215,193.

2nd Hand - Durrrr vs. Antonius

In the 2nd hand, it was time for some $500/$1000 no limit hold em and Durrrr had pocket 6’s. Antonius raised to $3,000 and Durrrr just called.  Surprising move considering how much he loves to reraise and force the action.

The flop was 6c-4c-2s giving Durrrr top set.  Antonius led out for $5,000 and Durrrr raised to $17,500.  Undeterred and having Durrrr covered, Antonius pushed all in for $83,000 and Durrrr inst-called.  Antonius showed pocket 10’s for the overpair.  He needed either running clubs or a 10 to take the pot.  The turn card was the Ace of Diamonds which was as big a brick as could be.  The river card was another brick, the 8 of diamonds and Durrrr took down the pot of $180,390.

In addition to the tremendous action at the table, according to the chat box, it appears that Durrrr and Antonius will be starting their portion of Durrrr’s challenge during the early part of the week. Below is a copy of the discussion:

durrrr: hey, when r we starting?
durrrr: u on good intnet yet?
Patrik Antonius: my connection is good now
durrrr: o nice
durrrr: k i’ll call ya tomorrow @ some pt
durrrr: o didnt see big hand other tbl sry
Patrik Antonius: we can start soon
Patrik Antonius: we can start today if other games will dry out
Patrik Antonius: if u feel like it
durrrr: nah im tired, ill call ya tomorrow n we can start then
Patrik Antonius: ok
durrrr: wt stakes r we playing?
Patrik Antonius: 200 400 plo
durrrr: kk

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