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Durrrr Drops $1 Million in One Session

by Poker Team

Forwards and backwards, backwards and forwards. Just as a pendulum swings up and down, so do the poker bankrolls of the participants of the biggest online poker cash games online. Perhaps no one around is more equipped to deal with such “swinginess” as top player Tom “durrrr” Dwan. Some may question his style of reckless abandon, some may even question his sanity at times. One thing that cannot be questioned is his skill level and his never say die approach.

It is with this in mind that only a person with Dwan’s mindset could withstand losing a million dollars in a given session which is precisely what he did on Sunday night. Armed with his trademark bravado and matching bankroll, Dwan took on all comers with he sat down against the world’s best and deep pocketed. This time however, they crushed him early and often.

Fresh off the heels of a nice run in which he managed to get his yearly results back to slight profitability, he promptly took a hit of epic proportions. As is his custom, the chosen game was $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha at Full Tilt, and it was a total bloodbath. Following the massive hit, he is now down over $1 million on the year again. It wasn’t just a couple of unlucky breaks either as he lost early and often and rarely got any type of momentum going. He lost his largest pot of the day to Ziigmund for just over a quarter of a million dollars and never really recovered. His session, and his year for that matter, was the polar opposite of Cole South who just keeps on winning, this time over a million dollars, pushing his profit on the year to just under $4 million.

They were the only real news makers on the day. Perhaps Dwan should give South a call to get some pointers on how to not lose his shirt; at this point, he could use all the help he can get.

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