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Durrrr Continues Quest to Break Even

by Poker Team

Railbirds of Full Tilt Poker watched in shock for the first months of 2009 as Tom “Durrrr” Dwan struggled mightily as the ultra-aggressive and highly profitable pro quickly fell into what, at the time seemed like an insurmountable $4 million hole.  Never short on confidence, nor modesty, Durrrr scoffed at any notions that the downturn had crippled his bankroll and he was heading towards going broke.  Instead, he countered by issuing his highly publicized million dollar challenge and continuing to blast away at the nosebleed games.

Yesterday, Durrrr played some sparkling poker against some of the best online players to the tune of a $700,000 profit, reducing his personal deficit to only $2 million.  He sat at a full table which featured Chau Giang, Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, Brian Townsend, SirWatts, and ahtata.  If that wasn’t enough to keep him occupied, he also played heads-up against Luke “__FullFlush1__” Schwartz, though their match was relatively brief.

He mixed his game up skillfully as he took several $100,000 plus pots from the table of all-stars.  He didn’t win the biggest pot of the night however, as that distinction went to Townsend who took down a pot worth $205,200 from Durrr.

Among Durrrr more notable pots were taking a $155,000 pot from Gus Hanson when he sniffed out a bluff holding 2 pair, and later flopping a set against Hansen’s flush draw for an additional $160,000.

When the dust had settled, Durrrr had indeed shown that has was back in business.  As his current pace, it may just be a matter of days before he returns to the green side.

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