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Durrrr Comes Back in a Big Way

by Poker Team

Just a week ago, observers and those analyzing the Tom “Durrrr” Dwan vs. Patrik Antonius million dollar challenge believed it would become more and more difficult for Durrrr to come back and win.  The deficit was over $250K and there was seemingly nothing Durrrr could do to stop the bleeding.  What a difference a couple sessions makes apparently as Durrrr has stormed back in a major way, booking an enormous win last night to pull to within $38,000.  Basically all of a sudden, Antonius is on the defensive and it appears to be anyone’s contest.

Though not even at the halfway point, the swings and peaks and valleys of the match up have been plentiful and the match is absolutely up for grabs.  Durrrr took down the 3 largest hands of the session, raking home pots of $229K, $173K and $160K respectively.

In the largest hand of the session, won by Durrrr, he was in the Big Blind holding 10h-Jh-Jc-9d.  Antonius raised preflop to $1,200 and Durrrr re-raised to $3,600.  Undeterred, Antonius came back with another re-raise, making it $10,800 to go.  Durrrr chose to call and see the flop.

The flop was Jd-Ad-2s and Durrrr had flopped middle set.  Durrrr checked and Antonius bet $16,400.  Not one to slowplay, Durrrr check-raised to $70,800 and Antonius called.

The turn was the 6 of diamonds and Durrrr put Antonius all-in.  Antonius snap-called and showed Qc-6c-10d-3d for a turned flush.  Durrrr needed the board to pair to take down the pot and the river coming as the 2 of diamonds gave him the win and the pot of $229,591.

As the summer quickly approaches, there stands to be a lot of action of the way between the two heavyweights of online Pot Limit Omaha.  If their current pace is maintained, they should reach a conclusion sometime in the fall.

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