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Durrrr Challenge Finally Re-Starts

by Omar

By now, just about all online poker fans who were excited about the first installment of the Durrrr Challenge had come to grips with the fact that the match, which began over a year ago will probably never come to a resolution. With Tom Dwan holding a sizable advantage over his opponent, Patrik Antonius, the two have indefinitely suspended play as they have not sat down to play heads up in over 6 months. The community was then invigorated with the announcement that Dwan would be staring a new matchup against Dan “jungleman12” Cates. Since the two players keep nearly identical playing schedules, it was expected that the matchup should resolve itself in just a couple of months. Much to the dismay of everyone following this contest, this has just not proven to be the case. In fact, going into this past weekend, the two adversaries had gone over two months since the last time they took each other on.

Speculation had been running rampant that Dwan was simply ducking Cates after Cates had quickly jumped out to a nearly $1 million advantage after completing nearly 20% of the hands of the contest. This led many to believe that perhaps Dwan had not quite done his homework on Cates before taking him on and felt that he needed time to regroup and truly study his opponent’s tendencies, otherwise he would find himself in a hole that he would not be able to climb out of. The layoff has definitely let the air out of the proverbial balloon as many have been disappointed by the lack of action.

In any case, this weekend, they decided to pick up where they left off and they played a session of just over 2,000 hands, bringing the total up to 9,783 hands played. Things got off to a rough start for Dwan as he quickly dropped a quarter of a million dollars before regrouping. He stormed back in a major way, even managing to take a $91K edge on the session before losing it all back to Cates. When it is finally over, Cates had increased his lead by $13K up to a total of $646K in all.

There was no mention in any of the chat boxes when they intend to battle once again though everyone hopes the sessions will not happen once every two months.

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