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Durrrr Announces First Million Dollar Challenge Opponent

by Poker Team

As previously reported, online high stakes cash game specialist, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan had agreed to take part in a live Million Dollar Challenge. The event was scheduled to take place in London in September. Updating the story is the news that Sammy “Any Two” George is the first player to have accepted the challenge. In addition, 3 other players have reportedly signed on as well. Their identities are expected to be revealed one by one in order to increase the drama.

Rules of the Durrrr Million Dollar Live Challenge

The rules of this event are quite simple. Dwan will take on each of his opponents for a total of 500 hands. The blinds will be set at $500/$1000 and the expected game of choice would be Pot Limit Omaha. The event is being promoted by a company called Matchroom Sport and they have stated that no one can get up from the match until they have either busted or the 500 hands are complete.

Currently, Dwan is in the middle of an online million dollar challenge against Patrik Antonius which has been stalled since June, leading to speculation over if and when it will ever conclude. Not so with the expected to be televised overseas live version.

Sammy George is a London-based professional poker player who is much better known in the UK than he is in America. Last December, he appeared in and finished 6th in the “Poker Million” tournament in a star-studded table which featured David “Devilfish” Ulliott, Marty Smyth, Roy Brindley, and Tony G. He is also a well-respected competitor in the World Poker Tour. He is a top-notch cash player and is no stranger to the large live cash games base in London.

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