Durrr Makes a Questionable Fold

by Poker Team on January 20, 2009

Patrik Antonius is already known as one of the biggest stakes top game pros in the world.  Incredibly, already in 2009, Antonius is up close to $3 million on Full Tilt Poker.  Most of the damage he has done has come at the $500-$1000 tables against the hyper aggressive Durrr, who himself had the poker forums buzzing about a very questionable river fold he made for $6,500 after betting $130K in a $400K pot and was raised the $6,500.

The action occurred on Full Tilt Poker and Durrr’s opponent in the hand was a player he is quite familiar with, MR B 2 U SON. Also seated were Gus Hansen and Urindanger, all top online poker pros. Here is a detail of the action from this hand.

Details of the Hand

As the hand began, here are the chip counts and player positions:
durrrr (BB): $382602.00
Urindanger (CO): $59696.00
MR B 2 U SON (BTN): $208903.00
Gus Hansen (SB): $92188.00

With the blinds at $500-$1000 in a Pot Limit Omaha game, MR B 2 U SON raises to $3000, and durrrr re-raises to $9500. MR B 2 U SON just calls the $6500.

The Fold

The flop comes down and it is 9h-7c-10c.  Durrr leads out for $14,600 and MR B 2 U SON smooth calls.  The turn card is the 10h.  Again Durrr takes charge and bets out $43,200 and once again, MR B simply calls.   The river comes as the 2 of hearts with over $135K in the pot and Durrr triple barrels a pot size bet of $135K.  MR B 2 U SON quickly raises to $141603 all in, and amazingly durrrr folds and MR B takes the pot of $405298.00.  Basically, Durrr folded for $6500 in a $400K pot and the message boards have been speculating what happened ever since.

Most players would agree that given the amount of money involved, Durrr should have made the call with any cards even if it was completely obvious he was beat. Was it a very expensive misclick or a bluff gone horribly wrong.  Only Durrr knows the answer and he’s not talking about it yet.  Unfortunately for curious players everywhere, we may never find out.

What do you think about his Fold?  Would you have folded?