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Durrr Aces Twice En Route to $1.3 Million Day

by Poker Team

For the highest stakes online poker cash game players, it is common to have big winning and losing sessions. However, what Tom “Durrr” Dwan accomplished on Saturday night is not merely impressive, for most online poker players, it’s simply mind boggling. There is no doubt Durrr was on top of his game as he raked in over $1.3 million multi-tabling over a few hours. Looking to cap off a highly profitable 2008 calendar year, Durrr crushed any and all comers while playing Hold’em NL $500/1000, Omaha PL $ 500/1000 and Mixed HA $500/1000 at Full Tilt.

Though we won many large hands en route to his monstrous day, the bulk of his profits came on two key hands in which he cracked his opponents’ pocket Aces.

Durrr’s 1st Hand

In the 1st hand in a game of $500/$1000 No Limit Hold Em, Durrr held the Ace-10 of spades in the Big Blind. Patrick Antonious raised to $3,500 and was quickly re-raised to $12,000 by trex313. It was folded back to Durrr who put in a massive re-raise to $35,000. After Antonious quickly folded, trex313 chose to just call.

The flop came down 4s-2s-Qd giving Durrr the nut flush draw to go with his overcards and this flop set off some major fireworks. Durrr came out firing, betting $42,200 into the pot and trex313 immediately shoved all in for just under $180k total. After a bit of deliberation, Durrr made the call.

His opponent showed Ah-Ac for the overpair with 2 cards to come meaning Durrr needed to hit his flush or running cards to take down the massive pot. His dream came true as the 5 of diamonds hit the turn and the 9 of spades fell on the river, completing Durrr’s flush and giving him the pot of $433,737.

Durrr’s 2nd Hand

In the second key cracking of aces, Durrr was sitting under the gun in another $500/$1000 no limit game holding 3c-4c. First to act, he raised to $3,000. It was folded to mastrblastr who re-popped for $12,000 to go. Durrr made the call. The flop was an absolute beauty for Durrr as it was 10c-3s-4d. Again, just as the first hand, all the money went in on this flop. Mastrblastr led out for $18,500 and Durrr quickly raised to $42,500. Mastrblastr was undeterred and moved all in for $284,000 and Durrr made the call, his opponent showing Ah-Ac. With the 9 of spades on the turn and 7 of clubs on the river, Durrr’s bottom two pair held up and he raked in another massive pot to the tune of $394,297.

While it may seem remarkable for most observers, it was just another day in the life of the man called Durrr. Durrr plays online poker at Full Tilt Poker.

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