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Doyle vs. Annette

by Poker Team

Betfair recently announced that, as part of a special event at the WSOPE, that Annette Obrestad will play a best of 3 Texas Hold’em poker heads up match against Doyle Bruson. They’re pitching this as the “Queen” vs. the “King” and euphemisms aside; it’s a bit of a stretch to call “Annette15” a “Queen” (at least in the context they’re using).

Young enough to be Doyle’s grandchild, Annette has everything to gain from this and virtually nothing to lose (assuming she’s backed by Betfair and that’s very likely). The dollar amount has not been announced so perhaps it’s just for pride? Regardless it’s nice to see Doyle stepping up and participating in such an event. When you consider that Doyle is a ten-time bracelet winner and Annette is a one-time bracelet winner, you can see our confusion over calling her a “Queen”.

Set to take place this Friday, September 26th at The Casino at the Empire in London, the event will likely get a fair amount of press. At the conclusion of the match Doyle will be signing copies of his book, Super System II for the guests in attendance. Our money is on Doyle but regardless of the outcome, we’ll report back the results just as soon as they come in.

Doyle vs. Annette Results

This just in, Doyle Brunson beats Annette Obrestead 2-0 in the first heads up match between the two professional poker players.

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