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Shock and dismay, with just a tinge of anger. Those are the words that best describe what Doyle Brunson thinks about the CEREUS Poker Network and the seemingly never-ending stream of cheating scandals and security breaches. At the center of the most talked about and media covered online poker cheating scandals in history Absolute Poker and came under heavy scrutiny for a wide ranging cheating scandal which involved one of their executives using a “superuser” account to see opponents’ hole cards. Though no exact dollar figure is known, it is believed the cheaters bilked unsuspecting customers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the heels of such a devastating turn of events, Brunson is simply astonished at the recent breach of security on the embattled network.

In his blog post, Brunson said:

“I’ll say one thing, Daniel Negreanu is very vocal about his dislike of UB and the CEREUS poker network. I think that he is right about everything that happened, but I’m not sure we should completely throw them under the bus. It seems they are trying to do the right thing now and keep things under control, but how on earth could they allow something like this breach of security? I know some of the former owners are still in the office at UB so they have to go the extra mile with their security. It is a mystery to me how poker players keep going there and that brings me to my next subject.”

Though clearly perplexed at the latest round of allegations, which were confirmed by CEREUS, Brunson seemed somewhat willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that what just occurred was an isolated incident and not part of something more sinister. Given their past history, it remains to be seen how players now view the site. What is interesting is the fact that CEREUS doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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