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Doyle Brunson Speaks About Death of Casey Reese

by Poker Team

Doyle Brunson has long been revered as a pioneer in the game of poker.  His book, SuperSystem, is widely regarding as the greatest poker book ever written.  Nothing over the past several years has done anything to diminish his sparking reputation nor the class with which he conducts himself with.

In his latest blog post, Brunson seems to have tugged at the heartstrings of the poker community at  After attending the funeral of the 20 year old son of deceased friend Chip Reese, Brunson felt compelled to share his feelings on the tragedy that befell Casey Reese and the damage that substance abuse has on those who abuse and those around them.  He mused about how unfortunate it is that so many of those around him have fallen victim or have lost someone to these addictions and that he considers himself very fortunate that having an addictive personality himself, that he has never gotten involved with those substances and he warns about the tragic path substance abuse can lead to.

In his blog, regarding the passing of the young Reese, Brunson wrote:

“I went to Chip Reese’s son Casey’s funeral today and I’m in a very somber and reflective mood. It was a nice service with every seat filled but I felt more people from the poker world should have been there. There were four speakers who talked about the 20 years Casey was with us. Two of his best friends spoke and I thought it was cool that they spoke out against drugs and cautioned everyone about fooling around with them. Casey was cremated and put in a family plot alongside his father. I feel terrible for his family, his aunts and uncles and cousins. Everyone says nothing could have helped Casey, but I still have guilty feelings. Maybe I should have kidnapped him and not let him out of my sight, but I know that was impossible. The truth is that nobody can help unless people want to be helped. Such a sad waste of life. What a great kid when he was straight.”

Regarding his contemporaries who have suffered similar fates as Casey Reese, Brunson continued:

“Doc Holliday and Wild Bill Hickok might have started the book on poker, but the group known as the Texas Rounders certainly turned the page of poker history.
It’s amazing how many of these guys died from substance abuse. I can kind of understand how kids get to partying and start experimenting with drugs, but how do men over 50, who never fooled with drugs, start? As addictive a person that I am, I’m glad I never tried these things or I’m sure I wouldn’t be here today.”

When someone as highly regarded in the poker world such as Brunson speaks about these types of serious issues, it is positive to see that his audience respects his words.  It is his hope that people will follow the advice he is preaching about.

  • Claude Maynard

    Doyle Brunson continues to impress with his honest self-effacing contribution to the world of poker.
    What a contrast to some of the other poker luminaries who cannot finish a full sentence without some attempt at self-aggrandizement and self promotion.
    Very refreshing indeed.
    Keep it up Doyle!

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