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Doyle Brunson Political Tweet Causes Stir

by Poker Team

The social networking tool, Twitter, has quickly become a worldwide phenomena. It provides users to send out and read messages from anyone in the world. People from all walks of life are there, from the common person to well-known bold faced celebrities. The poker world, in turn, has followed the lead of the world and many of the world’s best known players routinely “Tweet” to their followers.

One of those who is a big fan of the site and can be found actively tweeting is legendary poker icon Doyle Brunson. Brunson sends out many tweets a day with topics ranging from his poker escapades as well as a never ending series of simple blond one liner jokes. Most are met with a chuckle and then people just move on. However, a recent tweet he made in reference to President Barack Obama has created a firestorm of response. There is something about politics that seems to strike a nerve with people, but when it comes to our current President, people seem to be hyper-sensitive about it.

In the tweet in question, Brunson tweeted…

“The Democrats say ‘give Obama time.’ Us Repubicans agree, 25 to life seems appropriate!”

Brunson, obviously a Republican backer displeased with the current administration chose to speak his mind. Although it seems obvious that Obama has not done anything criminal while in office, some of his policies have been met with a great deal of resistance and criticism.

However, this choice of words has caused some of his followers to respond, some quite harshly. One wrote that Brunson’s views have made him discontinue playing at Doyle’s room, his online poker site, while others said some harsh things of a personal nature.

In addition, Jeff Madson, a fellow poker pro engaged in a more civil discourse with Brunson, at the end agreeing to agree to disagree. At the end of the virtual uprising, Brunson went right back to posting the blonde jokes that he is so well known for. It is unknown is Brunson will again attempt to make any political commentary.

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