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Doyle Brunson Not a Fan of Poker Game Shows

by Poker Team

It seems that poker icon Doyle Brunson watches television, and based on what he has seen from two high profile network shows relating to poker, he just does not like what he is seeing.

Responding to seemingly no one in particular, Brunson chimed in on the topic on his latest blog which is published on In fact, it is safe to say that he finds the show’s downright loathsome. The show’s which are drawing Brunson’s ire are “Face the Ace” shown on NBC and PokerStars.Net which airs on FOX. In both shows, contestants play a series of tournament style matches which increase in stakes until reaching the ultimate prize of $1 million.

On his blog, Brunson stated that

No disrespect intended, but these poker shows are awful. Full Tilt’s ‘Face the Ace’ and Poker Stars ‘Million Dollar Challenge’ are so bad, it’s embarrassing. There is no skill involved in either show and I can’t imagine getting an audience that will watch the shows.

Pretty harsh words indeed. And the fact that the shows both air during non-desirable times on weekend afternoons, to date, it seems that the general viewing public must be in some agreement with Brunson as they have been met with disappointing ratings. In fact, since it first began airing on August 1st in primetime on Saturday nights, it was quickly demoted to the weekend afternoon timeslot amid poor ratings and lukewarm, at best, reviews. It registered just a share of 2 for the premiere. Face the Ace faced a similar dilemma though its ratings were even worse, earning a rating share of 1. It’s expectations are lower however as it is merely a monthly show which gradually will build towards a finale on January 2nd while sharing the poker spotlight on NBC with the critically acclaimed “Poker After Dark” airing late nights.

This is not to suggest that Brunson is against all poker on TV. In fact, he is quick to point out that he is a big fan of High Stakes Poker which he is a participant which airs on the game show network. Of this show he says,

“As I travel around, the High Stakes [Poker] cash games are the ones all the fans talk about and I agree with them that they are by far the most interesting.”

But for now, poker game shows, unless significantly modified will not be seen in “Texas Dolly’s” household.

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