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Doyle Brunson Issues His Own Challenge

by Poker Team

Perhaps it’s not generating the same amount of hype as Durrrr’s million dollar challenge, but living legend Doyle Brunson has issued a challenge of his own on his website,

Brunson, perhaps growing weary of all the publicity surrounding today’s rising stars on the internet poker scene, is open to take on anyone who is open to the rules he has set forth.  On his blog Brunson says:

The Doyle Brunson Challenge

“I’m still willing to play anybody “Doyle Sez”, where I can name the game and change to another game when I want to. If any of the internet stars, that don’t play live, want to play, I’ll give them half their money back if they lose if they play 8 hours a day for a week.”

It is unclear who would be willing to step up to the plate and accept as these terms seem to heavily favor Brunson.   For instance, if Brunson feels like he can not beat the given player at a particular game, even after just a small sample size, he can simply decide to change games.  Also, since Brunson has been playing poker so long, it is highly likely that he may select games that his adversary has minimal to no experience playing as poker has evolved so much over the years.

It is also unclear whether Brunson is intending for this challenge to take place live or over the internet, a medium which he seems to believe it is easy for players to collude or cheat.  He alluded to such when he stated,

“First, unless I specify it, any comments I make about poker don’t include internet poker.  So when I said I never saw a poker game that I couldn’t beat, I meant 6 or more players sitting down at a table.  I don’t mean on the internet where players might be talking on the phone or sending IMs. “

This is an interesting statement because many of the top former live players are now regularly playing on internet sites such as Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker.  One would assume that he doesn’t mean to lump in peers such as Phil Ivey in that remark.  However, he does leave he door open for anyone to play him and should anyone decide to take him up on the offer, it would make for a compelling matchup.  As of press time, no one has accepted.

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