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Doyle Brunson Decides to Pack Some Heat

by Poker Team

The famous message boards are buzzing today, with a spirited debate taking place on, of all things, gun laws and the right to bear arms.  Coming on the heels of an incident involving an armed robbery of Amarillo Slim near his hometown, and last week’s bombshell release of a story of Michael Gracz’s homegame being raided by armed robbers, an incident captured on videotape, poker legend Doyle Brunson has announced that he has applied for a permit to carry a legal concealed firearm.

When news of this broke, some posters found it quite ironic that the poker icon would wait until so late in his life to decide that such a measure was necessary.  After all, Brunson is not known to frequent illegal poker parlors anymore, rather only playing online poker or in top Las Vegas casinos when he is not participating in major tournaments.

The opinions seem to be split on where posters reside and what their localities.  However, some feel that Brunson is making a poor decision by doing so.  For starters, some wonder why someone as well-heeled and respected as Texas Dolly wouldn’t just pay for security to be with him at all times to keep him safe.  Others believe that at his advanced age, he may be too slow to react to a dangerous situation in which his gun was needed and may somehow cost himself his life.

However, many in the forum do agree that carrying the firearm is well within his constitutional right and that it should be a personal decision that he has every right to make. Perhaps a better question would be why he has made this information public in the first place.  It is being hypothesized that Brunson may be coming out and saying it just so anyone who is contemplating attacking him that they will be doing so at their own risk.

As such a highly revered figure, it will be interesting to see if other players will be following suit as well.  If so, we may be revisiting the wild, wild west after all, not a positive development by any means, regardless of your stance of gun laws.

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