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Difference in playing Turbos and Regular Poker Tournaments

by Jeremy

One of the more exciting types of poker tournaments out there is the turbo. The reason why turbo poker tournaments are so thrilling is because they offer quick blind structures and fast results. But if you’ve never played one of these events before, it’s important that you understand the difference in playing turbos vs. playing regular poker tournaments.

All about the Blinds

The biggest thing that you need to realize with playing turbos is that the fast blind structures force you to be more aggressive in order to stay in the event. Now this isn’t to say you have to go all-in on the first hand with Q-J, but you don’t have time to wait 50 hands for pocket rockets.

Instead, you need to open up your range of playable hands, and be willing to take risks when necessary. For example, if you normally play AA, KK, QQ, JJ and AK in early position, you might need to throw TT, 99 and KQ into the mix too.

Going further, before your stack is in danger because of the blinds, you have to steal blinds when you’re in the cut-off and on the button. Now a lot of this will depend on the situation/opponents in the blinds, but you cannot afford to be complacent in turbo poker tournaments.

Recognize the Variance in Turbos

As we mentioned before, turbos can be fun to play because they offer quick results and fast action. However, you should also realize that you’re going to be dealing with a ton of variance in turbos due to this fast play.

So if you fail to cash in 10-15 or more straight turbo poker tournaments, don’t get too discouraged because this happens to a lot of players. Instead, you need to concentrate on long-term thinking when it comes to turbos because your results will be extremely varied over short sample sizes.

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