Devilfish Poker being sold for just £1

by Jeremy Olson

There are losses in the business world, and then there are major losses! Apparently, The Weather Lottery plc (TWL) is willing to take a huge loss on Devilfish Poker since they’re in the process of selling it to gaming subsidiaries boss Jeff Williams for £1. Pokerfuse broke the news with the following line:

The Weather Lottery plc (TWL) has proposed to sell Devil Fish Poker for the sum of £1. TWL bought Devilfish Gaming three years ago for £330k.

Devilfish Poker was started by legendary English poker pro Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott, who has long been known as one of the game’s bad boys. The Hull native has over $6 million in tournament winnings and was previously the UK’s all-time leader - until Sam Trickett blew by him.

Ulliott’s poker room used to be under the brand, until his sponsorship ended with them. He then kept the site going by starting his own company, Devilfish Gaming PLC.

Shortly after this, Ulliott caused controversy during the 2005 Full Tilt Poker Invitational, which was shown on Fox Sports Net. Fox didn’t allow .com advertising on their poker programs, but Ulliott managed to get Devilfish Poker some free publicity by strategically placing an ad on the inside of his jacket pocket. When the show aired, producers took notice and Ulliott was banned from appearing on future Fox telecasts.

By 2010, he decided to sell his poker site to TWL for £330,000. When the sale was made, Devilfish Poker had earned £783,353 in gross revenue, but showed an overall loss of £106,331. With Dave Ulliott’s name increasingly fading into the backdrop of the poker world, it’s likely that TWL wasn’t able to do any better with Devilfish Poker.