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Dealing with Limpers in Poker

by Jeremy

One of the most criticized moves in all of poker has to be limping - a.k.a. calling the big blind preflop instead of raising. The problem with limping is that you show weakness in your hand and fail to gain information from opponents.

Even still, limping is a commonly used move in poker tournaments and cash games. And seeing as how you’ll come across plenty of opponents who do this, it’s important to know how to deal with them. That said, here’s some advice for playing against limpers.

Value Bet these Players like Crazy

One great thing about limpers is that they’re more likely to call your value bets than anyone else. This being said, you can wait for solid hands and expect to extract plenty of chips from these opponents as they continue calling you right down to the river.

Look for Stealing Opportunities

You don’t always need to have the best hand in order to take money from limpers. In fact, you can often steal small pots with limpers involved, assuming you have the right opponent(s). Now this will take some observational skills on your part, but weak-passive limpers make for good targets when stealing from late position.

Add an Extra Big Blind for Each Limper

Whether you’re looking to steal a pot or limit the number of players postflop, you should add an extra big blind for each limper. Obviously this can change based on the table dynamic, but as a general rule, adding a big blind to your standard preflop raise is a good way to limit the field size. For an example, look at the following situation:

- You have pocket kings
- You want to limit the field size to just one opponent
- Your standard preflop raise is 3x the big blind
- Three players have limped ahead of you

In this instance, you’d want to raise 6xbb because three players are involved in the pot. Now, you may force everybody to fold instead of getting one opponent to call. However, at least you get to scoop up all of their small bets, rather than having the value of your pocket kings diminished by three postsflop players.

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to deal with limpers. And the method you use will change depending upon the situation and table dynamic.

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