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Day 3 - WPT Legends of Poker

by Poker Team

Day 3 of the WPT Legends of Poker at the Bicycle Casino saw a significantly narrowed field with only 70 players returning for play. Adam Weinraub was the chip leader with 461,900 chips.  Matt Keikoan, 2008 WSOP bracelet winner was in second with 328,300 chips.  The original Day 3 plan was to play to the money bubble but players were busting out at such a fast rate, it was decided to play down to 27 participants instead.

Notable Eliminations at the WPT Legends of Poker

Some of the players making an early exit included Jared Hamby, Tony Ma, Matt Stout, Gabe Kaplan, Toto Leonidas and Kelly Kim of the ‘November Nine‘.  Kathy Liebert’s Kings ran into AK during the first level, ending her tournament early.  Daniel Negreanu placed his last chips in with poker 9′s which were cracked by Robert Cheung’s KQ suited. Cheung got the flush on the turn sending Daniel home.

The parade of pros making their way out the door included Antonio Esfandiari, Barry Greenstein, Mike Wattel, Raymond Davis, Tuan Le, Erik Seidel and Erick Lindgren.  The reigning WPT champion, David Chiu had a full house but was busted by quads only three spots from the money.  Mark Seif followed right behind him, missing the money by only two spots.  The chip leader from Day 1B, Ali Eslami pushed all his chips in with top pair and ran into pocket kings.  Ali was on the bubble and just missed placing in the money.

Final 3 Tables

After ten hours of play, the final three tables with 27 players was reached and they called it a night.  There were nine players left with $14,085 in this order (36th to 28th): Van Nguyen, Andrew Shack, Kevin Zhu, James Sileo, Josh Vanduyn, Max Pescatori, Justin Scott, Mark Wilds and Matt Graham.

Adam Weinraub lost a huge pot set over set but managed to hang on and will return for Day 4 with 181, 000 in chips.  Paul Smith ended the day with 956,000 and as chip leader thanks to his pocket kings cracking Justin Scott’s pocket Aces.  Amit Makhija doubled up at the end of the day with a straight versus two pair and 842,000 in chips.  Despite Layne Flack’s chip stack going up and down all day, he ended the day third in chips with 807,000.  Trong Nguyen who started Day 3 dead last in chips with 16,250 managed an incredible feat, he ended the day at the middle of the pack with 457,000.  Maria Ho is the only female to return for Day 4, ending the day with 158,000 in chips.

Day 4 play will begin at 2 p.m. PDT Wednesday and will continue until the final 6 players remain.  Those lucky 6 players will return Thursday at 5 p.m. for filming of the final table of the WPT Legends of Poker.

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