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Davidi Kitai Wins PLO Final

by Poker Team

In a truly International World Series of Poker final, Davidi Kitai earned his first WSOP bracelet at Event #38, the $2,000 Pot Limit Omaha event. Players seated at the final table represented countries as varied as Germany, Belgium, the United States, Canada, the UK, and one player originally from Pakistan. The final did lack any big name poker professionals, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t a lack of excitement for this final. Davidi Kitai would be the first Belgian to win a WSOP bracelet.

Davidi Kitai

Final Table at Event #38 - 2008 $2,000 Pot Limit Omaha

Here was the final table at the PLO event with respective chip counts:

Davidi Kitai - 274,000
Ben Roberts - 82,000
Ayaz Mahmood - 314,000
Michael Greco - 120,000
Chris Bell - 260,000
Jan Von Halle - 485,000
Robert Cheung - 352,000
Keith Greer - 238,000
Lee Watkinson - 357,000

As players were eliminated, including Michael Greco, a former British soap opera star, play came down to three players including Kitai, Chris Bell, and Keith Greer. Kitai took care of Greer eliminating him with pocket queens against Greer’s pocket Jacks. As the final table shaped up, it would be the Belgium player, Davidi Kitai versus Charlotte North Carolina’s own Chris Bell.

Final Match between Davidi Kitai and Chris Bell

Davidi was new to the final tables at the WSOP having only two other cashes at the WSOP, a 147th and 404th finish. On the other hand, Chris Bell had seven prior WSOP cashes and nine World Poker Tour cashes in his previous experience. It would be Chris Bell with the upper hand at the start of this match. Bell also had a 1.5 to 1 chip lead going into this heads up match.

The heads-up match would last for a grueling four hours and 287 hands but Davidi Kitai finally came out the winner. The Final hand looked like this:

Kitai: Ad Qs

Chris Bell: As Js

The board came 10 high and left Kitai’s A Q in good shape for the win. Kitai walked home with a WSOP bracelet, his first ever, and $244,546. Chris Bell finished in second place with $155,806 in earnings.

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