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David Williams wins Magic The Gathering Grand Prix

by Jeremy

Most people know David Williams for his highly-successful poker tournament career, which includes $8,385,837 in winnings. Adding to these winnings is a first place finish in the 2010 WPT Championship, runner-up in the 2004 WSOP Main Event, and a second place finish in the 2004 Borgata Poker Open. But what some people don’t realize about Williams is that aside from his poker success, he also plays Magic: The Gathering.

And recently, Williams was part of a championship team at the Grand Prix event in San Jose, California. Apparently, his three-man team defeated a field of 571 teams, and you can read about it below:

There aren’t many things that beat playing Magic for yourself, but playing Magic for a team is definitely one of them. Just ask Matt Sperling, Paul Rietzl, and David Williams, the ultimate winners of this colossal event. All have previous successes, and Rietzl can boast a Pro Tour title on his mantle. None of them have seen victories sweeter than those this weekend, with Rietzl daring to predict the result for all the world to see days before this incredible gathering.

We at AintLuck aren’t exactly gurus or all-powerful warlocks if when it comes to understanding Magic: The Gathering, so you might want to get the full story at the Wizards website. However, we do know it’s a fairly nerdy affair that’s loved by the Lord of the Rings/Dungeons & Dragons-type crowd. But it’s still interesting to see Williams experiencing success in yet another game.

We’re not exactly sure what kind of prize money he walked away with at the San Jose Grand Prix. However, you can be sure that it pales in comparison to the $3.5 million he earned at the 2004 WSOP ME.

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