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Dario Minieri wins first WSOP bracelet

by Poker Team

Dario Minieri They call him, “scarf boy”, “baby-faced assassin”, and “Super Dario”, but now everyone can call Dario Minieri the World Series of Poker Champion. Before last night, Dario Minieri had not won a major live poker event even though he had come so very close in past tournaments; most notably a third place finish at the EPT San Remo in April as well as at the EPT Baden for season 3.

“I didn’t want to come in third, because I came in third on two European Poker Tours. It was a nightmare,” Minieri said.

Dario Minieri, from Italy and a member of team PokerStars, won Event #31 at the 2008 WSOP, the $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em Six-handed event, beating out a field of 1,012 players.


Final Table - Event #31 - 2008 WSOP

Here was what the final table looked like and the players respective chip counts:

Dario Minieri — 1,721,000
Kevin Song — 1,173,000
Justin Filtz — 891,000
John O’Shea — 589,000
Seth Fischer — 508,000
Stuart Marshak — 183,000

As you will notice, Minieri had the chip lead at the final table, but he has been in this position many times before and almost every time he has ended up finishing in third place. With four players left, Minieri eliminated Kevin Song with A8 vs. KJ. After that hand, Minieri had 3.5 Million chips in his possession, two times what his opponents now had…combined!

With 3 players left, Fischer beat Filtz with a AK vs AA. This elimination actually gave Fischer the advantage going into heads up play as at one point Fischer had a 3 to 1 chips advantage over Dario Minieri.

Final Hand $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em Six-handed event

Fischer moves all-in pre-flop as Minieri made the call.

Minieri: Q Q
Fischer: K 10

Board: A A 5 2 3

Minieri won the event with the Queens and took home first prize of $528,418. Fischer still managed to cash $330,519 for his second place finish. Minieri was ecstatic with the win as he had finally done it and with famous Italian poker players by his side including: Max Pescatori, Cristiano Blanco, Robert Binelli and Luca Pagano.

About Dario Minieri

Dario Minieri is one of the top online poker players in the world, playing regularly at PokerStars, playing under PokerStars screen name, “”Dariominieri“. Minieri plays so much poker at PokerStars, that he has garnered the status of “SuperNova Elite”, and was the first person to earn enough PokerStars FPP (frequent player points) to buy a car with them. He bought a 2007 Porsche Cayman S. To get to this status he had to have earned more than 3,000,000 FPP’s. The fact that he earned all those FPP’s in 10 months is an astounding feat.

Dario Minieri is from Rome, Italy and has $1,193,208 in total tournament winnings at live poker tournaments, which currently ranks him 3rd among Italian poker players in live tournament earnings.

Keep an eye out for “”Dariominieri“, when your are at the PokerStars tables. He is up almost $500K in Sit ‘n go’s at Pokerstars over his lifetime. He has a very aggressive playing style and is often playing 5 or 6 Turbo SnG’s at the same time.

Dario Minieri plays at PokerStars and you can too using our exclusive PokerStars Marketing Code.

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