Ex-Danish High Stakes Player reported to Police over Online Poker Cheating

by Jeremy Olson on December 10, 2014

Several people have gotten away with online poker cheating over the years without so much as a legal slap on the wrist (see Russ Hamilton, Jose Macedo). But now that the world is slowly moving closer towards a regulated online poker environment, the police take these matters far more seriously. Such is the case in Denmark, where a former high stakes poker grinder is reportedly being investigated for cheating fellow players.

According to, the player’s name hasn’t been released yet. However, police have offered that the player is 32 and won an EPT event. If we’re to believe internet rumors, this COULD be Peter Jepsen, winner of the 2007 EPT Warsaw Main Event.

Whoever it is, they’re believed to have solicited the help of a Danish police specialist who installs Trojan horse viruses on criminals’ computers to track their movements. Only in this case, the high stakes player and police specialist broke into poker players’ homes and physically installed the Trojan horses. Here’s a look at how the scam was uncovered:

One of the victims has told to the Danish news site that he figured out that there had been tampering with his computer, as his computer had been restarted while he was out of the house - something that he wouldn’t normally do.

Being suspicious about the restarted computer, the player decided to check his survelliance camera’s, only to discover that they had been turned off for 15 minutes earlier that evening, where someone had broken into his house and installed the trojan horse on his computer.

The player in question is said to have made “several million Euros” over the course of a decade. So this is no small matter, and if the player is charged/found guilty, they could be facing some serious jail time.