Daniel Negreanu discusses TwoPlusTwo Ban

by Jeremy

If you haven’t heard by now, poker pro Daniel Negreanu was banned from TwoPlusTwo for one day after being accused of spamming. As the story goes, he created a thread for iSeries Live and made additional posts about it in another thread; both were deleted and Negreanu was warned. He then posted a video where he discussed iSeries Live in-depth. Following the video, TwoPlusTwo moderators banned him for one day.

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In any case, the Canadian appeared on QuadJacks Radio to discuss TwoPlusTwo banning him. Apparently, moderators were given direct orders from 2p2 owner Mason Malmuth to give Negreanu the ban. Negreanu claimed that he has no ownership stake in iSeries Live, which made the TwoPlusTwo moderator who officially banned him question the claim on QuadJacks.

However, there is no certainty that KidPoker has a stake in iSeries Live, and he merely believes that 2p2 was trying to get advertising money out of iSeries. 2p2 offered no rebuttal in regards to them trying to shake down iSeries Live, which comes as no surprise because this forum has always taken its advertising very seriously.

The TwoPlusTwo crowd seems to be split on the issue with one side saying that KidPoker thought he deserved special treatment due to his status, while the other side believes that 2p2 should give him a little special treatment.

Expanding on the latter, many of the TwoPlusTwo members believe that his participation at the forum adds a lot for the amateur players because they get the opportunity to chat with a real pro. And unfortunately, it doesn’t look like 2p2 members will get the chance to discuss issues with Negreanu anymore because, from his QuadJacks comments, he likely won’t be back on the forum.