Daniel Negreanu wants Rematch with “Lucky” Nadal

by Jeremy Olson on December 21, 2013

The biggest poker tournament to take place in the last few weeks wasn’t an EPT or WPT Main Event. No, instead it was a 6-player celebrity tourney at EPT Prague, where tennis star Rafael Nadal captured the title.

Among the handful of players whom Nadal beat was Daniel Negreanu. The 6-time WSOP champion ended up taking fourth place, which is a pretty disappointing finish when you consider that he was up against celebrities. This isn’t lost on Negreanu either, as he recently told TMZ that Nadal merely got luck. Here’s a look at what TMZ wrote:

Negreanu says “he got 2 lucky hands” … and “that’s the only reason why he beat me.”

For the record — Rafa had only been playing poker online for 18 months before the tournament … and it was his first time playing in front of a crowd.

As for a rematch … nothing’s been officially set, but Daniel told us “I’m down and ready to go for a rematch! I’d win this time. Obviously. I’m suppose to win every time”

One of the lucky hands that Negreanu is referring to involves an all-in, preflop call that Nadal made with Q-3. Negreanu flipped over A-9, which made him a 65%/35% favorite to win the hand. However, the community cards were kind to Nadal and he ended up doubling up through ‘KidPoker.’ As for the other hand that Negreanu is talking about, this was pretty much even since he held pocket 3′s and Nadal had Q-9.

In any case, it doesn’t look like Negreanu is too happy about the press treating this like Nadal took him down. And given all of the success that Negreanu has had in the poker world, it’s a good bet that he would easily win any heads-up contest between the two.