Daniel Negreanu Playing Online Poker to Improve his Game

by Poker Team on April 23, 2010

Despite being second all-time in career live tournament winnings with well over $12 million, Daniel Negreanu thinks his poker game needs a lot of improvement. This was especially the case after season 6 of High Stakes Poker where he was consistently outplayed in cash games by the likes of Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, and Patrik Antonius.

Those who caught Negreanu on High Stakes Poker saw a man who was clinging to a poker style based on feeling rather than statistics and probability. And this feeling had helped Negreanu accumulate a massive bankroll over the years. But on TV against the world’s best players, Negreanu was made to look silly. He even began second-guessing himself on simple plays that should have been routine. By the end of it all, people were calling Daniel out and suggesting that he couldn’t even beat low stakes cash game competition at PokerStars.

Well Negreanu heard the criticism loud and clear. He heard it so well that he decided to post this on his blog at,

“I mean if you have a computer, then you probably have a TV, and if you play poker, and have a TV, you’ve probably watched a few episodes of High Stakes Poker. If you’ve watched a few episodes of High Stakes Poker, and you have money on PokerStars, then you jump on the waiting list. If you don’t have money on PokerStars, then you deposit some money on PokerStars, and jump on the waiting list. It’s that simple really. Then if you watch me play online in those games, you see all the fundamental mistakes, you see all the misplayed hands and all the weird lines, and then you feel great about your decision to jump in these games as your dreams have been answered. The donkey from that GSN show has fallen into your lap and is prepared to pad your bankroll. I don’t blame you.”

Taking things to heart, Negreanu has begun to play $100/$200 cash games at PokerStars in an effort to get back on top. And while Negreanu isn’t the best high stakes cash player at PokerStars, he’s slowly getting better and showing signs of improvement. Download PokerStars and play with Daniel.