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Daniel Negreanu finds love on Millionaire Matchmaker

by Jeremy

With $16,340,578 in live tournament winnings, Daniel Negreanu is easily one of the most successful poker players of all-time. However, he’s been largely unsuccessful in the love department, which prompted him to go on Bravo’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker.”

This show, which has run for six seasons, features matchmaker Patti Stangler trying to hook up millionaires with potential soulmates. And this is something that Negreanu sorely needs because, as he explained on the show, his last really serious girlfriend ended up cheating on him.

The beginning of the program involved Daniel being sent to an astrologer, who explained that Negreanu’s previous heartbreaks were necessary in order for him to learn to “trust.” After meeting with the astrologer, the 37-year-old headed to a “mixer” where he chatted with plenty of beautiful girls. From here it was time to narrow the field down to a couple women, which both turned out to be blondes. Negreanu then selected one of these women to go on a date with.

The date ended up being in Las Vegas, where KidPoker lives. While there he took the blonde babe to meet some circus performers and dine at a fancy restaurant. It was here where they played blackjack and kissed afterward.

As the kiss foreshadowed, these two ended up being a successful match because they spent the night together at Negreanu’s house and planned on having a relationship. But seeing as how the show was taped last spring and we have yet to hear much from the couple since then, it’s doubtful that they’re still together. Regardless, it seemed as if Negreanu met a pretty quality girl and enjoyed himself on the show.

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