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Daniel Negreanu bashes Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson

by Jeremy

Canadian poker pro Daniel Negreanu has become one of the biggest enemies of Full Tilt Poker and its former owners Howard Lederer, Ray Bitar and Chris Ferguson. And he recently aired out his hatred towards them through a recent blog post at FullContactPoker.

Negreanu was speaking about an interview he did with PokerPlayer Magazine when he talked about the Full Tilt trio. In the beginning, he was saying that he didn’t agree with some of the ways that PokerPlayer tried to spin his words. However, he was eventually able to reconcile with them and come to an agreement about the interview.

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Following this, KidPoker got into the good stuff after he started talking about the former Full Tilt Poker owners. His insults began with the following:

They edited down my comments about Ray Bitar, Howard Lederer, and Chris Ferguson, but they definitely got the gist of my vitriol towards them. I’m disgusted by them and what they’ve done to smear the game with putrid decision making. Ray is a buffoon, Howard is arrogant, condescending, and incompetent, and Chris is a liar and has the warmth of a snow pea. These were never my friends, I never cared for any of them. I never trusted them for a second, and my “read” was always that these were not my kind of people. Why are they different from the rest of the group?

Getting past his initial comments, Negreanu started getting into some more specific reasons why he thinks Lederer, Bitar and Ferguson are more guilty than anybody in the FTP scandal. He said the following about this:

These three were on the board, admittedly making all the decisions, and jeopardizing millions of dollars worth of players money that still hasn’t surfaced. You guys suck. I hope to never see any of your faces at the WSOP anymore, and I hope you live with the shame you deserve for the rest of your lives. Your own personal, private hell. You deserve all the wrath you’ve received from the poker world, and much more. You are scum and each of you absolutely deserves a few swift baseball bat swings to the groin area, old school Vegas style.

Judging by these statements, it’s pretty clear that there’s no love lost between Negreanu and his non-friends at Full Tilt Poker.

  • Buzzythebird

    Okay one of my biggest pet peeves, people not dating their writing.  Please , the date.  Thank you.

  • James Park

    fuck howard gayderer and fuck satan ferguson

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